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Journey into GSoC 2023

GSoC 2023 Journey: Week 21 Report

21 October 2023

4 Minutes

My contribution details and experiences during the twenty first week of coding period of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2023.


Welcome to my weekly report documenting my journey during Google Summer of Code 2023 with the Linux Foundation! In this project, I am working on enhancing the existing speech-to-text feature of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) by introducing a Natural Language Intent engine and implementing software daemons/controllers to execute the extracted intent. This endeavor aims to significantly improve the user experience and functionality of the speech-to-text feature in automotive environments. Throughout this report, I will share my progress, challenges faced, and achievements made as I contribute to the development of AGL and pave the way for more intuitive and intelligent voice interactions in automobiles.

Summary of the week

This week was marked by substantial progress in code contributions to the project. Key accomplishments included pushing the RASA pre-trained model, enhancing and submitting the Snips pre-trained model, pushing the Snips library source code, and submitting the Voice Assistant Flutter app to Gerrit. These contributions significantly advance the project's development and its capabilities for natural language understanding, dialogue management, and voice assistant functionality.

Tasks completed

  • RASA Pre-Trained Model Submission: Successfully pushed the RASA pre-trained model to Gerrit. This contribution adds a valuable resource for natural language understanding and improves the project's ability to handle user inputs effectively.
  • Enhanced Snips Pre-Trained Model Submission: Improved and submitted the Snips pre-trained model to Gerrit. This enhancement ensures the model's reliability and functionality, which is crucial for accurate intent recognition and dialogue management within the project.
  • Snips Library Source Code Submission: Pushed the source code of the Snips library to Gerrit. This contribution provides access to the core functionality of the Snips platform, enhancing the project's capabilities in voice assistant services.
  • Voice Assistant Flutter App Submission: Submitted the Voice Assistant Flutter app to Gerrit, contributing to the project's user interface and overall user experience. This app is instrumental in the practical application of the project.

Tasks leftover

No tasks were leftover this week.

Next steps

In the upcoming week, the following tasks will be undertaken:

  • Final Gerrit Push: Push updates and improvements to Gerrit for review and integration.
  • Complete Documentation: Finalize the documentation.


Overall, this week was productive, and I am satisfied with the progress made in achieving the goals outlined for the week. I am excited to continue my GSoC journey and further enhance the speech-to-text feature in Automotive Grade Linux.


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