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Journey into GSoC 2023

GSoC 2023 Journey: Week 18 Report

01 October 2023

4 Minutes

My contribution details and experiences during the eighteenth week of coding period of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2023.


Welcome to my weekly report documenting my journey during Google Summer of Code 2023 with the Linux Foundation! In this project, I am working on enhancing the existing speech-to-text feature of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) by introducing a Natural Language Intent engine and implementing software daemons/controllers to execute the extracted intent. This endeavor aims to significantly improve the user experience and functionality of the speech-to-text feature in automotive environments. Throughout this report, I will share my progress, challenges faced, and achievements made as I contribute to the development of AGL and pave the way for more intuitive and intelligent voice interactions in automobiles.

Summary of the week

During this week, significant progress was made in addressing technical challenges and enhancing various aspects of the project. Key achievements include resolving linking issues related to Numpy, Scipy, and OpenBlas, improving the Intent to VSS mapper in the voice agent service, enhancing the Kuksa Client interface, and actively conducting testing on the target AGL image. However, some microphone-related lag issues were encountered during testing. Additionally, the Snips Intent Engine recipes were pushed to Gerrit, advancing the project's development.

Tasks completed

  • Linking Issues Resolution: Successfully resolved the Numpy, Scipy, and OpenBlas linking issues, eliminating impediments to the project's functionality and ensuring smooth integration of these libraries. Details about this issue and how it was resolved can be found at this Jira Ticket.
  • Intent to VSS Mapper Enhancement: Significantly improved the Intent to VSS (Vehicle Signal Specification) mapper within the voice agent service. This enhancement contributes to more precise and efficient intent recognition and execution.
  • Kuksa Client Interface Enhancement: Enhanced the Kuksa Client interface within the voice agent service, refining the service's ability to interact with Kuksa for accessing vehicle data and executing commands.
  • Target AGL Testing: Conducted thorough testing on the target AGL image, actively validating the project's performance in the intended environment. However, encountered microphone-related lag issues, which require further investigation and resolution.
  • Gerrit Contribution: Pushed Snips Intent Engine recipes to Gerrit, facilitating collaborative development and code review, and advancing the integration of this critical component into the project.

Tasks leftover

No tasks were leftover this week.

Next steps

In the upcoming week, the following tasks will be undertaken:

  • Continue Gerrit Push: Continue to push updates and improvements to Gerrit for review and integration.
  • Documentation Progress: Continue the documentation efforts, aiming to provide a comprehensive resource that outlines the project's technical aspects, setup procedures, and usage guidelines.


Overall, this week was productive, and I am satisfied with the progress made in achieving the goals outlined for the week. I am excited to continue my GSoC journey and further enhance the speech-to-text feature in Automotive Grade Linux.


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